The Curious Machine Slots

The proper title of this game, as the game screen reveals, is Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine. Miles guides you through the game as he appears on the right side of the screen as you play.

This time-traveling game includes Gizmo, Miles' assistant, and there is plenty of fun to be had on the 3D reels.

How many reels and paylines are present in the Curious Machine?

With 30 paylines available across five reels, this game packs in a lot of chances to win with each spin.

What can you bet on an activated payline?

You have a choice to spend as little as two cents on an active payline, or up to a dollar. If you want to up the ante, place as many as five coins on each line you want to play. It's best to do this only after you cover all the lines.

Does the Curious Machine offer any special symbols?

It does. Watch out for the vortex, as this is wild - literally! Even if it pops up on the reels and you don't win anything, you could still grab a win. This is because the vortex will spin and change the symbols next to it. This could create a win for you.

If you're playing all the lines in the game, you might sometimes trigger a second chance at winning a prize if you don't get a line win with a single spin. This is the Reel Rewind feature, where one reel can spin backwards to provide another chance to win.

Watch for the dinosaurs scattered around too. Three or more will win you some free spins. With every free spin you get, you also trigger a multiplier from 1x to 5x, which will apply to any line prize you win.

Does this game provide you with a bonus level?

It does. The Travel Through Time level is unlocked when you get at least three of the symbols depicting a control panel with colored buttons. This round will take you through time to try and escape the General, who wants Miles' machine for himself.

Download and play the Curious Machine today!

The Curious Machine uses a great theme to help construct a great game. You won't be disappointed when you try it, especially as it has lots of bonus features and elements involved too. Travel in time to find some prizes today!