Under the Bed

Under the Bed slots takes players back to their childhood where they lived in fear of what was hiding under their beds at night. This game is an excellent 3D game that is colorful and exciting with even a little fear coming into play. As with many of the excellent 3D slots, players can try out this game for fun and practice before placing real money bets allowing them to learn all about placing bets on single or multiple paylines and become familiar with the many different characters in this game that include monsters and scary scenes.

Bonus Games

There are a number of bonus options when playing Under the Bed slots. A combination of any of the four monsters on an active payline or individually with rims around them will flip over to reveal a number and the letter W. This is the number of spins that the wild will stay in place for giving the player access to more winning opportunities. Three of the bed symbols on screen activates the bonus round where the monsters fight to give the player a winning amount and the mystery door in the middle reel in the middle position can earn the player up to 12 free spins that he can re trigger.

Double Up for More Winnings

At the end of every winning spin that is not a bonus game the player may opt for the double up option. This gives the player a chance to guess whether the dice to be thrown will be an even or an odd number. Guessing correctly doubles up the winnings for that win and the player can continue with the double up option until he reaches his limit or loses.If he loses, it is only the amount for that bet and he is taken back to the main screen to continue playing the base game. Spooky music accompanies each spin of the reels and when a symbol lands on a winning line there is a little animated action that links in to the story such as the mother coming to tuck the kids in at night and switch off the lamp if the lamp symbol makes up a winning line. Playing Under the Bed may bring back all your fears from childhood but it also helps to alleviate all your fears with the fun and many potential winning opportunities that it offers.