At Gossip slots players can find every type and style of game depending on their taste and requirements. There are three reel slots, five reel slots, 5 reel 3d slots, progressive slots and an incredible choice of table games that include roulette, blackjack and craps together with some high roller table options. Video poker features greatly at the casino with single hand games, pyramid games and multi hand games. There are games that have been specially optimized for the Apple devices or the Android devices or the Windows devices. All of the games can be reviewed and previewed online in advance of players actually trying out the games. All of the games can be played for fun or practice before real money bets, apart from the progressive games. The game are easy to access and once playing the player is also encourage to twitter, facebook or just chat with his friends about his great gaming experience.

Games Galore at Gossip Slots Casino

Games are the main reason for joining a casino and at Gossip Slots casino, there is no end to the choice of incredible casino games that offer the player hours of fun, excitement and winning possibilities. Players at the Gossip Slots Casino are literally spoilt for choice with the many amazing games offered. Luckily the player is able to try out the games for fun and practice before committing to any one of them and he can also enjoy generous bonuses when starting to play the real money games.

Three Reel Classic Slots Games

The three reel slots games are always classified as the classic games. These games have three reels and a single payline or in some cases multiple payline. Most of the information for winning is detailed on the screen of the game and the player can place a number of coins per spin. Some games include wild symbols that multiply the winning payouts and often offer the highest payout for the game. There are also games with hold and nudge options and there are games with progressive jackpots and on and off screen bonuses. The term classic slots is very ambiguous when there are so many extras added to these games.

The Five Reel Video Slots and 5 Reel 3D Slots

Five reel video slots are considered the most popular slots games, they include many different features and cover a wide variety of subjects. At the Gossip Slots casino there are many different video slots to choose from. Players can enjoy games with nautical themes, there are games with aliens or famous presidents and there are games with movie stars and themes. Each game offers the player a unique experience that includes multiple paylines or ways to win. There are games with wilds that substitute for other symbols and there are games where free spins can be won or on or off screen bonuses. Some of the games include a progressive or random progressive jackpot as part of their offerings and then there are games with incremental winning options where the player needs to keep playing in order to get further in the game. Each game is special and can be viewed online before the player starts investing real money in the game. The 3D slots are played in the same way as the regular 5 reel video slots with the added benefit of a 3D screen that includes special effects and lots of action and adventure.

Table Games and More

The table games are classified as mainly Roulette and Blackjack but at this casino, the player can find plenty more table games and a number of different variations of the well known options. Blackjack is offered as a single hand game and a multi hand game and there are games with extra features and bonuses to enjoy. The roulette games include European roulette, American roulette and roulette games with special features such as the French roulette with its en prison rule. In addition to these table games, players can find Craps and baccarat, both enjoyable and rewarding table games that require thinking and luck on the part of the player in order to win something.

Specialty Games and Video Pokers

Not much attention is given to the specialty games and the video pokers that are always present at this casino but it should be. Video poker is a mixture of slots and poker and is played using the poker hands. Players need to land a good hand in order to win a payout and can choose to discard cards just once in order to try and get a better hand. There are single hand games and multi hand games with options of playing with up to 100 hands at once. The specialty games are considered the quick games. These games do not require much thinking on the part of the player and they include Keno with its choice of numbers, scratch cards and even some fun bingo games.

What are Random Features?

Lots of features and elements are rolled into many slot games online today. While some games are small and very basic, others push the limits in the opposite direction. One thing we do like to see is the inclusion of random features. We are going to find out more about them here, so you can see whether you like them enough to give them a try.

Random features have random triggers

Sometimes, bonus elements in slot games have specific triggers to unlock them. You can find out what these triggers are by viewing the paytable.

For example, you might be told you need to find three treasure chests in one spin to get the chance to choose one of them. This might then reveal some free games or a coin win, as an example.

But a random feature will have a trigger you do not know about. It could drop at any time, and you will not know how or when it might happen.

Is it like the random trigger for a progressive jackpot?

Yes, it does work in a similar way. You will not know how the jackpot (or random bonus) will trigger, but the game will require a set combination to appear on the reels. As such, as far as you are concerned, it will be random. You will not be looking for a special set of symbols to appear.

This means any spin could be a successful one, and you will not know until the final reel stops spinning and the game announces a possible outcome whether you have achieved the trigger you need or not. Sometimes, the game may simply give you the bonus with no trigger required.

Random bonuses can appear together with other special bonuses

While some slots prefer using only the random type of bonus, others use a mix of both random and specific bonuses. As such, you can usually search for games you know are going to appeal to you. You can read reviews for them online to determine which slots contain random features if you decide you like them.

Of course, while some people enjoy these games, other people can get frustrated at being unaware of the triggers for such bonuses. You must decide whether you like them or not. We think they add another level to a slot game, but we must admit we prefer to see a good mix of both to provide a fully-rounded and pleasing game to play.

The VIP High Roller Games

VIP games are games for regular players who are familiar with the different casino games and know how to bet. In addition the need to be comfortable with betting high amounts. There is a wide selection of VIP games to choose from at the casino for the high rollers and these include blackjack, roulette and even pontoon. Each game has its own minimums and players need to understand the minimum investments needed before joining a game because they do not want to spend over their budget. New games are also added to the casino regularly and this keeps the players excited and involved at the casino with so many different games to choose from.