VIP Rewards Plan

The VIP Rewards Plan at Gossip Slots casino is part of a partnership where players earn points for every dollar that they spend at the casino. For each dollar spent the points accumulate until the player can choose one of the different options offered in the VIP Rewards Plan chart. Players can choose between a cash bonus, sweepstakes or merchandise. All of the different options can be seen in the main online page of the VIP Rewards Plan. An example of the cash bonus is $2 in cash for 2000 points earned. Sweepstakes rewards include a chance to enter the sweepstakes where free spins can be won such as the 10 free spins sweepstakes that costs 200 points. There is also a catalogue of merchandise available to all players, with some very exciting items including sports watches, tennis rackets and lots of different types of electrical equipment. It is very simple and easy to claim one of these rewards, players just need to register for the VIP Rewards plan and then log in with their user name and password to redeem the option they have chosen. Players can also contact the special VIP Rewards Plan help desk with any questions that may arise.