Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots is a euphemism for fun and basically a real paying Candy Crush game. This is very similar to the well known and free Candy Crush game but with one big difference, this game allows for players to win money and they don't get to choose how to move symbols around, it is all totally random, controlled by a random number generator. There are five reels in this game and 7 main symbols all of which are different colored sweets. Players need to match up at least three of the same colored sweet symbols in order to earn points. The more points that a player earns the more he can progress through the game and the more he can win. Points are allocated per color of sweet and in addition there are a number of special sweets that appear at different levels and when certain tasks have been completed.

Sweet Scores

The pink sweet offers 4 points, the purple sweet offers 6 points, the orange sweet offers 8 points, the yellow sweet offers 10 points, the green sweet offers 12 points and the blue sweet offers 15 points. The highest scoring sweet is the red one that offers 20 points. Players earn points when three or more of the sweets match either horizontally or vertically. If four of the same colored sweets are in a row or column, the players earn a super color sweet that if matched with the same colors can double points. Five of the same color sweet produces a color bomb that when next to another symbol of the same color explodes bringing more symbols down and hopefully more winning options. Every point that the player earns is cash for the player and it increases his meter reading. When the meter is full the player gets to move on to the next level. There are over 20 levels to this game.

Special Sweet Level Options

At each level new special sweets are introduced that can randomly appear on the screen and offer all sorts of special bonus options. At level one the lollipop can appear, it spins like made and with its spin moves all the sweets on the screen to give new positions and new winning options. From the second level the caramel chew symbol appears that takes a random journey on the reels clearing everything in its path. The gumdrop from level 6 and up is very exciting to see as it sucks up different symbols along its path and then suddenly explodes clearing the way for more symbols to take its place. Level 12 and up offers the jelly beans that randomly land on different symbols, exploding them and clearing their path for more sweets to appear. The 20th level reveals the cotton candy symbol that is more like a tornado flying around the screen and blowing everything in its path away making room for more symbols. Each and every special symbol in this game contributes the to the excitement and total sweetness of the game where players can leave at any time and come back to the game later to increase their level standing. The Sugar Pop slots remember where players are in the game and they can restart playing at the level they left at.