Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Even diabetics can play this sweet game with its images of delicious looking sweets and the spinning candy canes and explosive sweet launchers. This sequel slots game has five reels and no real set paylines. Lining up three symbols next to each other, on top of each other or at diagonals will award the player with a winning payout and the symbols responsible for the payout will be crushed out of the way and make room for new symbols to appear. All of the symbols are colorful sweets with bonus symbols appearing from time to time. This new sweet game includes multiple levels that allow the player to progress and win more and more payouts. There are free spins to be won from the free spins logo and the player can win huge numbers of free spins if lining up enough of the logos in the right positions.

How to Win Sweet Everythings

Bonus games are activated by the appearance of the different bonus symbols. Each level includes new bonus symbols. There are eggs that spin and emit bubbles that make other symbols disappear, there are fizzy pops that explode and take other symbols with them. There are spinning multi colored lollies and there are shooting cannons that help symbols disappear. At the end of every winning spin the player has a choice, he can continue playing or he can opt for the double up feature. The double up feature gives the player a choice of heads or tails on a coin and then the coin is spun. If the player guesses correctly then he doubles his winnings but if he does not guess correctly then he loses the winnings for that spin or crush as it should really be called. The player can continue with the double up feature for as long as he wants and wins or until he loses. This new sweet slots is filled with good things and offers so many winning options for the player that he may want to try it out for fun before investing money in the game.