World Leaders Slots

World Leaders slots begins with a spinning globe. You stop the globe to reveal one of three wild countries. When you get the wild symbols associated with those countries, you earn bonus features that quickly add up into big payouts.

World Leader Counter

Keep track of the world leader counter at the top right of the screen. When you've spun the reels 25 times, the globe pops up and you get to pick a new country to determine the wild card that's going to be in effect for another 25 spins. The Queen Elizabeth symbol offers the largest payout of 1,000 credits, but special bonus features make the game even more rewarding.

Wild Features

Russia: When the wild bear appears, you get free rounds with the wild moving one space to the left each time. With each free spin, the bear moves a space, eventually walking off the reels. For example, if the bear wild is on the fourth reel, you get four free spins and the wild travels one space to the left each spin. Winnings quickly climb.

United Kingdom: The wild crown multiplies itself. If it's on the reels once, a second randomly pops up. If you get it twice, each one duplicates itself, leaving you with a total of four wilds on the reels. It's a quick and easy way to gain hundreds of coins on just one spin.

United States: When you pick the U.S., wild eagles spread out both vertically and horizontally to form a cross.

Ally Bonus

Get three or more scatters and play the Ally Bonus game. With this game, you're shown a dozen phones. Pick one and see which World Leader you've called. Each leader offers a cash prize. Keep making calls and raking in some cash. The game ends when you call the same leader three times. Triple the Progressive Jackpots

World Leaders slots features three progressive jackpots that are awarded randomly. Each offers substantial payouts, but the Super Slots Jackpot tops them all with a jackpot that's worth tens of thousands. The Mystery Jackpot is next and that's followed by the Cash Grab Jackpot. While Cash Grab is the smallest of the three jackpots, it's still very valuable.

As there's the incentive to keep playing and gaining the different wild features, World Leaders slots becomes very easy to play. You don't have to risk a lot on the 18 pay lines, and the potential rewards make it very worthwhile.