License to Spin Slots

License to Spin Slots welcomes you to a secret world of sophisticated spy's, evil villains, pretty girls, fancy cars and of course delicious, shaken martinis. Are you ready to enter this fascinating world with its mixed bag of high society and dangerous elements? Then make sure you have your license to spin ready, because it is going to be a wild ride with lots of lucrative slot reel turns.

Spy Approved Design and Game Play Elements

License to Spin Slots is a simple but elegant slot title that is developed by well-known casino software producer Arrow's Edge. This company gave the game a total of three reels, three rows and three fixed pay lines. On the slot reels, you will see typical spy themed symbols like a gun, a martini drink, a spy car, a villain and a pretty girl who holds a drink in her hand. Additionally, you will of course also spot the handsome spy himself. He functions as the wild in this game.

Hit Your Symbol Targets With the Re-Spin Feature

You will trigger the re-spin round when a wild attribute shows up on slot reel three. The wild starts to move during the first re-spin. It will shift to the left side and place itself on slot reel two. Claim your free spin and then proceed to the second one. Once more, the wild will shift to the left, and this time, it will land on slot reel number one. Then you get to enjoy your second free spin.

The famous British spy will appear once the second re-spin is finished. Similar to the famous movie intro, he will walk into the screen and then he suddenly takes a shot at the slot. The outcome of that shot can be a hit or miss for you, but luckily, both outcomes are rewarding. If the shot is unsuccessful, you will end the re-spins feature with a blast, and then proceed to the equally rewarding shaken not stirred bonus round. If the shot hits its target, you will notice that the wild slides back to the right, and then you will receive a new set of three re-spins. In addition to moving to the right, the wild attribute will also change its "Y" slot reel position.

Pick You Drink in the Shaken Not Stirred Bonus Round

Do you drink your Martini shaken or stirred? Trigger the shaken not stirred bonus round via the re-spin feature and take a seat at the bar. At this bar, you have to make a choice between two drinks that are presented to you by a pretty bartending lady. Make your first choice to reveal the bonus reward.

Once the bonus is revealed, you have the opportunity to claim it, or you can go for the second available option. Keeping the initial prize means that the shaken not stirred bonus round will end, and that the revealed amount will be rewarded to you. The second revealed amount will be automatically handed out when you pick drink number two. At that moment, the bonus round will end as well, and you will not get to walk away with the initial reward, so choose wisely and toast on your luck when it is on your side and hands out the highest prize.

Progressive Jackpots Are Your Number One Targets

It is jackpot time when you play License to Spin Slots. This game has not one but two progressive jackpots that can greatly increase your casino bankroll. You have a chance to win the cash grab jackpot and the super slots jackpot.

Unlike spy's, these jackpots do not make an effort to stay in the shadows. You can see the most current accumulated amount of the cash grab jackpot on the top left of the game screen, and the accumulated super slots jackpot amount is displayed on the opposite side. With such high displays of cash rewards always being shown in plain view, it is hard to keep your eyes off them and not feel motivated to spin on with the hope of claiming these jackpot rewards.

Not Stirred but Spun

The live of a spy is never boring and always thrilling. Of course, things get extra exciting when big money rewards are present elements in the spy story as well. With License to Spin Slots, you get to experience such a lucrative and thrilling story. Make this spy tale your own and claim the rewards that come with the job. Money, girls, drinks and fancy cars are part of the package when you spy successfully in this game. But always remember to keep a low profile despite all that rich glitter and glamour that surrounds you, because after all, you have a secret agenda that cannot be compromised.

First test your spinning and spying skills on a free version of the game. You can find many websites that offer it in free mode. Then, once you have developed the skills to be a real spy, you can make more daring bets with actual cash credits. With a bit of luck and a fine display of your spy skills, you will be able to spin yourself to rich rewards and not stir away from them.