Time Bender Slots

This 5 reel, 40 payline slot is more than just a video slot. This experience will take us across the universe traveling through galaxies of warped symbols and lightyears of fun. Reach for the vast openness of the infinite triggering wilds, freespins, and mini games If things seem unworldly, they probably are. Enjoy the unknown as we trigger symbols such as warp zone portals, the mysterious G-man, time illusive clocks, and time machines along with the famous poker face symbols detailed to fit nicely in this sci-fi theme. If you are ready to step into this twilight zone, be ready for a rich ride.

Features and Bonuses

The symbols trigger asymmetrically depending on which reels they land on. When positioned in reels 2, 3, and 4 these symbols will highlight at random and trigger a re-spin replacing 3 reels with x4 symbols. New re-spins are attainable during the re-spin function giving you an indefinite continuation of scoring that will seem like time is bending! During the re-spins it is possible that these symbols will nudge themselves to spread across the reels filling in more spots and granting you higher multipliers. You may even whirl into the Rings of Time bonus featured when the whirling symbol lands fully displayed inside the reels. This will take you to the concentric rings of time mini game which will have you work your way to the center of the rings giving you a prize with each level that you pass. Finally, this video slot does offer a jackpot with a fixed x800 per spin!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a scientific theme without of the world functionality and timeless bonuses? Time Bender slots will provide you with the curiosity to keep on spinning. How far can you take the re-spin features? How close to the center can you push with the Rings of Time bonus? Do you want to play it on your pc or enjoy it mobile? Give yourself a chance to get lost in this impressive new video slot.