Pixiu Slots

Pixiu is an ancient Chinese dragon type creature that looks a bit like a lion. What makes this creature so special is that he expands when fed and in this game players that place more and more bets can earn more and more. Every twenty five spins the player earns more value for his bets in other words the winning payouts increase. This is a special level system that is unique to the Pixiu game and players who play more and more can earn more and more with their winnings. Every twenty five spins the level goes up and the potential earnings of the player increase.

Increasing Payouts with Every Higher Level

Symbols in this game include ancient Chinese coins, a dragon, an eagle, a jade ring, a phoenix and the Ace, King and Queen of high scoring cards. The ancient Chinese coins are the scatter symbols and when three or more of these appear on the screen the player wins either free spins , an instant bonus payout or a chance to enjoy the special bonus round. In the special bonus round, players are presented with four gold coins and four jade coins and invited to choose different coins. A correct choice increases the size of Pixiu and the value of the winnings and an incorrect guess will end the bonus game. If the player wins free spins, he can win 10 free spins at the first level and these increase up to 25 free spins at the top level. This game is unique in that players earn more as they play longer with higher payouts awarded, it is definitely not considered a simple three reel slots game by any means and is filled with lots of fun for the player at every level.