Fire & Steel Slots

Fire & Steel Slots

There can never be enough complimentary words to describe the visual splendor and the gameplay richness of Fire and Steel Slots, a superb addition to Betsoft's Slots3 series. It bears the subtitle War of the Wilds and from the very first glimpse of the main screen of the game, it becomes obvious that its theme is epic fantasy and the story is one involving warfare and glorious heroes with big suits of armor and swords (not to mention fire-breathing dragons).


On each side of the reel there is a powerful warrior. The one on the left is a male with an epic hair-do and beard and a fancy sword with a teal blade. Behind him there is a huge light blue sphere. To the right of the reels there is a female warrior with an appropriately shaped armor. Her hair is tied in a top knot and her sword is hanging on her back. The fires of the fantasy war are raging out of focus behind her. The reels themselves are exquisitely designed. On the top of it there are two scary but brilliantly shaped black statues of roaring dragons, the eyes of which shine with an eerie green light. The two top corners are also dominated by dragon wings and their spiky tails. The design of the title is also impressive. The word "Fire" is engulfed by scarlet flame and the world "Steel" shines. The "&" letter in the middle is also set ablaze. The symbols on the reels often shine with spectacular potency.

Basic Rules and Limits

The design of the reels is unique. They are 5 just like in the case of many other games but the two reels that are situated on the left and the right contain just 3 symbols. The two reels surrounding the middle reel can contain 4 symbols and the middle reel has space for 5 symbols. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and can go as large as 1 dollar. The maximum number of coins with which a spin can be entered is 5. That allows for a maximum total bet of 100 dollars.

Paying Symbols

The paytable symbols of Fire and Steel are divided into High Value Symbols, Mid Value Symbols and Low Value Symbols. They all have 3 winning combinations that include from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The highest paying symbol of the game is the Crown - made of gold, stylishly decorated with a ruby in the middle. It pays 150 coins, 500 coins and 1250 coins. There are two sigil symbols - probably belonging to the two sides engaged in the epic-scale conflict. One of the sigils features purple feathers and the other - yellow. Both symbols pay 100 coins, 250 coins and 750 coins. Then there is the book, the cover of which is neatly decorated with black, red, white and green stones. It pays 75, 150 and 500 coins. The golden goblet, also encrusted with precious stones provides gamblers with 75, 150 and 400 coins. The warrior's helmet gives 50, 100 and 300 coins. The shiny dagger with the while hilt, which as a ruby embedded at the end of it offers 50, 100 and 250 coins. The rest of the symbols are precious stones in various colors and shapes. The triangular emerald stone brings 25, 75 and 150 coins as does the egg-shaped sapphire. The ruby, the orange gem and the yellow gem all offer 10, 50 and 100 coins. The wild symbol of the game is the sign "Wild" featuring an epic metallic font. It is the best paying symbol of the game and it delivers 200 coins, 750 coins and the game's top prize of 2500 coins.

Features of Fire and Steel

The two warriors from the main screen also have their own symbol. They are the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden and they both serve as wilds. Both of them however have very special effects. The Swordsman can turn the symbols that are located in a vertical line above or below him into wilds. The Shieldmaiden is capable of turning into wilds symbols that are placed in a horizontal line to the right of her or to the left of her. Furthermore, there is a feature called War of the Wilds, which providers 10 free spins when the lines of the Swordsman and the Shieldmaiden meet and the symbol, upon which the lines are crossed, will be turned into a wild and will keep its place for the duration of the free spins. This feature can be restarted which will result into even more free spins and wild symbols that remain in their initial position.

Fire and Steel: War of the Winds is one of the best games Betsoft has ever made and one of the best in their Slots3 collection in terms of looks and gameplay, which is saying a lot indeed if one takes into consideration their previous masterful works.