Sin City Nights

Sparkly and beautiful, Sin City Nights is a gorgeous 3D-animated slot, which is capable of offering numerous financial and visual pleasures, transporting you to the overwhelming atmosphere of Las Vegas. Don't be taken aback by the game's title as sin stands for good and satisfactory things only such as the thrills and the triumphs of gambling, which every fan is capable of appreciating. The reels are surrounded by the stylishly crafted title sign under the arch of an expensive building's entrance, covered with fashionable lights. A lovely 3D female assistant will be close by the reels and move after each and every one of your choices. The background of the reels is a beautiful, if out-of-focus, landscape of Las Vegas' glorious architecture. The game features 5 reels with 3 rows and 25 paylines. On this classically set up playground you will come across excellent surprises of many different kinds. The minimum bet can be 25 cents and the maximum can be 125 dollars for a single spin.

Sinfully Good Symbols

The first piece of good news you are going to find out about the symbols of Sin City Nights Slots is that there are three different wild symbols. These wilds have the ability to replace every single symbol in the game, including the ones that can deliver free spins. They will be appearing exclusively and only on the second, the third and the fourth reels and each of them has an own combination of 5, 4 and 3 symbols. The best paid wild is the Golden 7 and five of it pay 2500, 4 give 250 and 3 give 50. Then there is the Golden Bell on a violet background. Its payouts are 1000, 100 and 20 respectively for 5,4 and 3 symbols. The cherries on the green background deliver 500, 50 and 15 coins. Apart from that you will see on the reels 4 card symbols-A, K, Q and J and all of them pay differently for their three symbol combinations for 5, 4 and 3 matching ones. The A pays 200, 25 and 10, the K-100, 20 and 5, the Q-75, 15 and 4 and the J-50, 10 and 3.

Explosions of Money

Sin City Nights will also give gamblers access to the so-called exploding icons. Every time a winning combination is formed, all the symbols will explode taking out nearby symbols as well and all the empty slots on the reels will be filled with new symbols resulting in even more rewards. Every time new symbols appear a new explosion might commence and this could go on to up to 4 times. The 1st drop of symbols won't be enhanced in terms of the amount of the award. The second one will have a multiplier of 2, the third one-a multiplier of 3 and the 4th drop will increase the eventual earnings five times. Things get even better when you receive that entire chain of explosions in the free spins round of the game because the multiplication of the size of the awards is expanded there and are 3 times, 6 times, 9 times and 15 times for 1, 2, 3 and 4 consecutive drops of symbols respectively. The symbol that activates the free spins in Sin City Nights literally has the bonus game's name on it. The Free Spins symbol needs to arrive on an active payline three times in order for the spins to be started. You can expect to receive the symbol on the first, second and third reels. Yet another way for you to increase your income after a game of Sin City Nights Slots is to employ the Double Up option. You can basically put on the line all of your earnings from the game or half of them and then you will go through a Heads or Tails game. Winning will double the amount that you have gambled.

Sin City Nights is a gorgeous-looking game that will give players a lot of chances of drastically increasing the numbers in their bank accounts again and again overnight.