Whospunit Slots

Whospunit slots is not an average slots game by any means. This game is full of delightful extras if you can think of a murder mystery game as being delightful. There are many different symbols in this game that all relate to the crime that has been committed. The main characters of the game include the Dr, the lady of the house, the butler, the master of the house and the maid. Players should make note of these characters as they form part of the main bonus game.

How to Play Whospunit Slots

As the reels spin in the base game players work on winning paylines, there are thirty in total. The base game is timed for five minutes and during each five minute period the player can earn clue collection points, Each point at the end of the five minutes is a free spins. There are three levels of clue collection which is in effect playing another game of slots with different symbols. As the player works his way up through the different clue levels he earns more points and gets closer to the final solution. The first level is find out what the murder weapon was, the second level is to find out the murder location and the third level is to find the murderer.

Free Spins Games and Extras

If all five of the characters appear on the screen at once the player wins 10 free spins. He is then invited to choose one of the characters to give him a bonus option during hte free spins. The maid doubles the number of free spins and triples all payouts, The Dr rewards the standard 10 free spins with between 1-5 wild symbols. The master of the house allows for 3x payouts during the free spins both ways and the lady of the house awards an astounding 6x multiplier during the free spins. The butler adds a wild reel that runs during the free spins. At the end of every winning spin the player may choose the double up option where he is taken to a new screen and invited to guess which way the coin will land. Guessing correctly doubles the winnings for the player. The player may continue with the double up feature for as long as he wants or until he reaches his limit or loses. Whospunit is an intriguing slots game in every sense of the word and at each level adds more excitement and mystery to the game.