Lilly’s Pad Slots

Lilly's Pad is a gorgeous trip in nature where colorful waters hold frogs, lillies and other delights. In fact during all the spins in this colorful five reel game that has 18 paylines, players will see cute frog jumping across the bottom of the screen keeping players entertained as they watch the spinning reels and hope for one of the winning payouts. Players may try out this game if fun mode before placing real money bets per spin. The player can place up to $252 per spin on this game using all the paylines. There is an auto play for those players that like to preset the number of spins the game runs for consecutively and at any point, the player can stop the auto play and revert to manually hitting the spin button.

Dragonfly Patterns and Bonus Lilly Game

The dragonfly is wild and when he appears on the screen he creates three different patterns that change other symbols into wilds and reward the player with further bonus payouts. The scatter symbol is the cute jumpy frog and he is also the key to the bonus game giving players a chance to choose lillies when three and more appear on the screen. The bonus game takes place on a separate screen where players are invited to choose one out of a choice of four lillies, each lilly represents a bonus amount that is revealed. The player can choose to take this lilly or continue with the game. The next levels he carries on choosing different lillies that are discarded until the final choice where the player is invited to either take what this lilly will reveal or revert back to his first choice. At the end of the bonus game the player moves back to the main screen to continue playing the base game, watching the frog and hoping for more bonus chances.