Kawaii Kitty Slots

Kawaii Kitty slots has one of the cutest looks for a slot game that you have ever seen. Everything is cuddly and bubbly, the colors are bright and happy and the main character-a heart-melting white kitten, sits adorably with its big glowing eyes on an equally irresistible blue armchair. The background of the reels represents a child's room with a perfect interior design and all these visual gifts are gloriously assisted by superb 3D and 2D animation and a very lively musical number playing in the background. It all might feel a bit cutesy and childish but let the kids enjoy the purring kitty and the colors and let yourself be swept away by the gameplay and the awards. Obviously, the white kitten will allow you to use the basic slot options like AutoPlay, Spin, Max Bet, etc. The coin value of Kawaii Kitty Slots starts at 2 cents and goes as high as 1 dollar. The game feature 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines, making the maximum bet 100 dollars.

Symbols of the Kitten's Room

The main symbol of Kawaii Kitty is the wild, which is a Yarn Ball, that has a special expanding effect, spreading across the entire reel and delivering a solid payout as a result. There is a majority of other symbols, all of which will do their part in assisting you with the increase the numbers in your bank account. There is the bowl with cat food granule with a smiling cute face on the side of the bowl, a golden bow tie, again with a huge smile right in the center of the bundle, a tuna can that is specifically for cats with the adorable face on the side of the can and an image of a fish, that is actually smiling too on the top of it, a pair of happy fish-a smaller with red streaks and a larger one with green streaks, a smiling green hairbrush, a white joyful mouse (which in a cat's game is supposed to be afraid but not here), a package of milk with a blue moustache and that's pretty much the toys, which will make you rejoice alongside the white fluffy kitten. Overall, the secret money-making weapon gamblers have in this game is the expanding wild that creates tons of winning combinations as soon as it shows up on the reels.

Kawaii Kitty is an online slot with incredible, nearly breath-taking visual design, a delightfully cute character and an energizing, crowd-pleasing atmosphere, which is fully in tune with the solid gameplay that allows for great earnings and gives players the opportunity to minimize the risk of gambling as much as they want.