Aztec Treasure 3x3 Slots

Aztec's Treasure is a slot game with a rare 3 reels, 3 rows set up that has a superbly designed theme of the famous ancient civilization. The background of the reels displays a wild jungle and the reels themselves are built up as a typical Aztec structure. There is a jackpot value visible right over the slot positions and the payline numbers are placed to the left and the right of the reels. The game offers 5 paylines. Coin sizes start at 2 cents and can go as large as 1 dollar. The maximum number of bet credits for a single spin is 5. That makes for a maximum total bet of 25 dollars. Apart from a progressive jackpot prize, the game features highly profitable symbols and there is also a great bonus feature available.

Symbols and Features

The highest paying symbol is the tribal leader, wearing a bird mask and it offers 100 coins. Next up is the Aztec Pyramid and it pays 50 coins. The head colorful feather decorations, which the Aztec warriors are famous for grant 20 coins. The green skull, ornamented with flowers pays 10 coins. The golden star, painted with dark red details offers 5 coins. The dark sword with golden edges and pink precious stone on its guard delivers 3 coins. The square yellow seal symbol is the lowest paying symbol and provides gamblers with 1 coin. The paytable of Aztec's Treasure is quite helpful since it displays the values of the symbols for each and every one of the 5 bet cases. The aforementioned values count for the case of a single bet coin. The bonus game gets activated through the special Gem-type symbols, which don't offer payouts of their own. There is a blue, red and yellow gem and once they are all collected, the bonus game will be initiated. The gem symbols will make an appearance in a random order. The bonus screen will provide the gambler with the option to select three holes and after that the bonus prize will be granted. The jackpot prize can be won by acquiring 3 of the special Aztec's Treasure logo symbol when the bet is set at its maximum possible amount.

Aztec's Treasure is a great game, developed with precision, attention to detail and a sense of visual wonder, the kind of which Betsoft's team always displays with its releases and their Aztec-themed slot game is no exception.