Lucky 7 Slots

Lucky 7 slots is considered to be one of the ultimate examples of a classic slots game. This game has three reels and just one payline. Players can place one, two or three coins per spin and are offered a range of coin sizes from $0.02 up to $1, the maximum bet per spin is $3. Players can access the game online by downloading it through their chosen casino or they can opt for the instant access option in the play now casino choices. The instant access option is played directly through the web browser of the online casino with no need to download. A mobile version is also offered on any Android or Apple device. Players opting for the mobile version of Lucky 7 slots can access it through their mobile web browser or they can opt to download the online casino app that sits on the home screen of the mobile device.

Basics of the Game

This Lucky 7 slots game from Betsoft gaming has just one payline but offers players three reels filled with different symbols that can line up on the payline. Symbols include cherries, single bars, double bars and triple bars together with a red 7 and a lucky 7 symbol. There is no auto play option but there is a bet max option that can be pressed allowing the player instant action as the reels begin to spin. Players can place up to $1 in coin bets with the option of placing, one, two or three coins per spin.

Winning Payouts

When starting the game, players can choose the wide view or the full view. The full view includes the pay table above the reels where the player can see all the potential payouts that he can earn. The wide view shows just the spinning reels and the player can access the pay table on a separate screen. The highest payout is awarded for landing three of the 7 symbols on the payline with a three-coin bet. In this case the player is awarded with 5000 coins. With a two-coin bet, the player receives 2000 coins and with a single coin bet the player wins 1000 coins. Three of the lucky 7 symbols award the second highest payout of 750 coins with a three-coin bet, 500 coins with a two-coin bet and 250 coins with a single coin bet. Although a simple game, Lucky 7 slots offers the player plenty of winning options with the potential to win large payouts.