Explosive Wins Slots

Explosive Wins is an intriguing title to use for a slot game, especially as a statue looking a lot like the Statue of Liberty appears on the loading screen. You can see the famous arm holding the torch once you get to the game proper, too, so this has an American feel to it from the start.

Throw in the American flag and some fireworks on the reels, and it becomes obvious just how explosive the game could be. Shall we dig in further?

A giant three-reel game to play

This does have three large reels on the screen, and other than the partial image of the Statue of Liberty, not much by way of a background. The 3 x 3 set of reels has some action going on though, so we’ll look more closely there next.

A wild American flag

The stars and stripes are easy to spot, along with WILD written in sparkling gold in front of this flag. It replaces everything else in sight apart from the bonus symbol – yep, you’re going to search for one of those too. Moreover, if you can find three wilds on one of the three paylines you’ve bet on, you can walk away with 10,000 coins.

The Fireworks Bonus feature

You can figure out what you’re going to see on the bonus symbol, we’re sure. This shows a series of fireworks ready to launch, and you need one of these symbols in each of the four corners of the grid. As such, you’ll only spot the bonus symbols on the first and third reels, since those are the only ones required.

When the four symbols appear, you’re asked to choose one to reveal a prize. This carries on until all four symbols have uncovered the results for this round.

Check out the new Explosive Wins slot from Arrows Edge today

Even with only three lines, the slot packs in an exciting appearance. With wilds and a bonus feature as well, there are lots of reasons why this game is worth exploring. There is a demo if you want to try that, but the all-American look and feel of this one is great for players in all countries to try. See if you can find some Explosive Wins with those fireworks today.