Heist Slots

The Heist Slots game is not a game for the faint of heart. It may look like a standard game but within the five reels and thirty paylines there is a lot of action and some of it,deadly. Players are introduced to the main characters in the game through a short animated movie where they meet Neil Quailand, the talented thief and Agent Kowalski who has been hunting down Quailand for 7 years. The game centers on a new robbery that is planned, of a vault holding 9 million pounds. Being a Betsoft game, players are able to try out this game for fun before placing real money bets, giving them a chance to understand all of the different bonus features of the game and generally getting comfortable with what the game has to offer.

Special Features for a Special Game

The first feature to look out for is the glass cutter feature. If three of the glass cutters appear on the screen at the same time the player is invited to choose one of them and this will reveal a prize of cash credits. If the C4 symbol appears in the second space of the center reel the player receives a 2x wild that covers the whole of the center reel but only after he has seen some of Quailand's action. Three or more of the drills on screen award players multiplying payouts with the drill acting as a scatter symbol. Three of the drills award players 150x the coin bet placed, four of the drills award players 300x the coin bet placed and five of the drills award players 750x the coin bet placed.Three or more of the vault symbols on the screen trigger a very special bonus round where the player is invited to step into the shoes of the major thief Neil Quailand and try and break in to one of the vaults, steal the money and escape. Depending on how far the player progresses with affect the bonus payout that he receives for this game.The Heist Slots game is action packed and each spin of the reels is accompanied by dramatic music, the setting is modern and fast paced and players who choose to play this game will definitely enjoy every minute of it.