4 Seasons Slots

Casino software creator Betsoft Gaming has done it again. With 4 Seasons Slots, it delivers yet another powerful and truly gorgeously looking slot machine game to online casinos. This time, the theme elements of choice are China and the Chinese Zodiac. Try this great game today, and you will most likely never let it go out of your sight again.

More About 4 Seasons Slots

This incredible slot game title takes you on a trip through time with help of the Chinese Zodiac and its 12 animal signs. Cute, 3D animated avatars represent these animals. There is a little counting element on the bottom left side of the screen. It counts the amount of spins that you've performed, and when you reach 30, one of the animals turns into gold. When that happens, you receive a 10 times return.

Design Elements That Keep You Calm and Focused

It cannot be said enough that the design elements of Betsoft games are always truly beautiful, and this game is certainly no exception. You will not only be mesmerized by the amazing animations on the reels, but also by the wonderful, nature rich background. And remember, this is a game of seasons, so whenever time flows over to the next phase of the year, you will notice it by the chances in the background.

Furthermore, the tranquil and Zen like feelings that this game evokes, are made even stronger by the sounds of birds and the peaceful music. So the game might turn up the heat and the thrills once those wheels take you closer to the big profits, but you will not likely lose your focus and your calm. That is of course an extra positive element, as it can help you to keep your head clear and think straight about the next steps that need to be taken to win truly big cash profits.

Claim Large Profits in Every Season of the Year

Slot machine gaming is fun when Betsoft is involved. Visit a casino that is powered by this high profile software producer and prepare yourself for an Asian infusion of wealth, mystery, tranquility and entertainment when you play 4 Seasons Slots. You can enjoy all of this for free in the fun credit mode, or you can use the power of your money to claim seriously big profits during every season of the year.