Trinity Reels Slots

Trinity Reels… what does that title suggest to you? The reels confirm we have a slot game to review, but what of the trinity part? We'll learn more shortly, as we put the Trinity Reels slot game through our extensive review process below. If you have only just heard about this one, you can expect to find answers to all your questions here.

Who is the developer of the Trinity Reels slot?

It's Betsoft once again - they've been busy of late, and this is another example of their hard work.

We can confirm that you get demo access

We always like to put a game through its paces before figuring out whether to place real bets on it. Betsoft seems to know players like this approach, as they always reveal a demo to check out.

How does the theme work?

We got a medieval feel from this one. It uses various gems and letters on the reels, so there's nothing new there, but the way they're drawn does give it a slightly old-style feel. It works beautifully though.

Did we like the design for Trinity Reels slots?

We sure did. This one is stunning to look at, especially as it covers more space than your average slot game. More on that in a moment, but we can confirm that the reels are in 2D, as is what little we can see of a background. Suffice to say all eyes will be on what's happening on the reels though. You won't see anything spin in this game, instead getting the blocks dropping into position on each go.

Here are the facts about the Trinity Reels slot game

There are six reels in this one, and three positions on each. However, the game includes split symbols. This means you can get one, two, or three matching symbols in each reel position. The final reel only ever has three icons on it, but the other five reels can each show up to nine symbols on them, which means each icon has the full three symbols appearing on it.

The game doesn't include any jackpots, but there are wilds and various other important symbols. We'll get to those later in our review.

There are no paylines in Trinity Reels

Don't worry, though - Betsoft more than makes up for the lack of paylines by offering ways to win instead. And the top count for those is an impressive 177,174 ways.

Choose one wager for each spin

With way wins in action here, you only need to figure out which spin bet you're going to use. Betsoft opens the game to most players, starting at a low 20 cents per spin. There are plenty of other possibilities though, including the top bet of $100 per spin.

Don't forget to check the paytable before you play Trinity Reels

This game doesn't work like anything else we have seen, so we recommend you read all the instructions before taking it for a literal spin.

Watch out for these special features in Trinity Reels

Firstly, there are cascading reels involved in this game. This means winning symbols are taken off the reels, allowing others to fall into their positions. As you might guess, this carries on until you reach a stage where you don't get any winning combinations in view.

Cascades are ideal in another way as you might get some mystery symbols appearing there. These can show up on all but the final reel. They look like diamonds and may show as split symbols, so you could get one, two, or three in each position. All affected positions then change into the same symbol. Any regular symbol might appear in this way.

Reel six is home to booster symbols. You can get a wild boost symbol that turns one or two positions on other reels into wilds - split to show three in that spot. Wilds never appear on the first reel. A split boost symbol allows two or three symbols that haven't already been split into three to perform this action. Another possibility is to get a multi boost symbol. This brings a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, or hopefully 10x.

You can also try for some free spins

The free spin logo is the scatter symbol, and it can only appear as a single symbol. You must get three or more to trigger 10 free games. You're assured of getting one of the three booster symbols appearing more often on reel six.

How high does the return to player percentage go for this slot?

It dips just below the suggested minimum, which is 96%. Trinity Reels comes in at 95.96% instead.

What's our rating for this slot game?

We must give this one 9.5 out of 10. Why are we dropping it from the perfect score? Simply because it does not appear in 3D, nor does it have a progressive jackpot. That said, this game looks impressive in 2D, so it's more for the lack of a jackpot than anything else.

How high is the maximum prize potential in this slot game?

We have a huge multiplier to reveal to you here. The biggest prize potential reaches 15,127x your bet, so Trinity Reels certainly delivers some promise on that count.

Demo play makes for the ideal introduction

It does, and you can even play the free spin round by 'buying' it with your demo coins.

Play for real whenever you spot a Betsoft casino

Anywhere that offers games from this developer is going to have Trinity Reels ready to play too.

Betsoft delivers across all platforms with this game

You'd expect all modern Betsoft slots to be playable across all platforms, and this slot ticks that box. You can play on a computer, but it's just as convenient to play on tablets and smartphones using either Android or iOS.