Red White and Win Slots

What will you make of the Red White and Win slot? If you're in the mood for something simpler, check this out as it doesn't use the traditional fruit and bells to gain your attention. The title is a clue, for sure, as the American flag appears here. Let's see what else you might expect if you choose to check it out.

Keeping to the simplest format a slot can offer

Yes, Red White and Win provides you with three reels and only one line to bet on.

Don't expect to find pennies in the betting stakes

Far from it, in fact - you can bet $2.50 per spin on this game. The only other option is to bet two or three times that amount if you have a bigger budget.

Does Red White and Win feature any notable icons?

There are no wilds or scatters here, as you might expect for such a small slot. However, the American flag is the one to watch. The reason for the high minimum bet is the presence of a progressive jackpot. The flag is the key to scooping it. You need three flags to land on the payline for this to occur.

There is a twist, though. If you bet one coin ($2.50) on the spin, you would receive 5% of the current jackpot total. Betting two coins (worth $5), you would receive 10%. If your budget can stand betting $7.50 per spin on Red White and Win, you would receive the whole jackpot amount, however much it might be at that moment. Clearly, they're aiming for the bigger bettors here.

Don't expect to find any bonus features in the game

You might have figured that out already since there are no special icons to trigger them.

What did we make of the Red White and Win slot game?

This is far from a slot for those with small budgets. The main attraction is the jackpot, but the fortunate player getting three flags won't even scoop all of it unless they're willing to bet $7.50 per play. Think carefully before betting on the real version of the game, unless you want to take it for a demo spin.