Mega Money Mine Slots

What might you discover inside a Mega Money Mine? Mining for cash never occurs in life, of course, although many things found inside a mine can be bought for a lot of money. Maybe that's the deal here, so let's see what we can learn about the facts of the game.

What is the game format like?

Expect a small game here - with just three reels in play and a single line to bet on.

Betting options for the Mega Money Mine slot game

Don't expect a low coin value here. The only value you've got is $1.50. You can choose to play one, two, or three coins on the line, but that's about it.

Should you search for any special icons in the game?

There are no wilds involved, so we'll get that fact out of the way early. The easiest way to score a prize is with a single 7 icon.

The best icon to watch for is the game logo. This is a jackpot symbol, so you might now realize why the slot asks for such a high minimum bet. It means the jackpot can go a lot higher than it otherwise would.

However, the amount a successful player landing three jackpot symbols on the payline will get depends on their wager. One coin will bring 15% of the total jackpot. If you play two coins and you're fortunate to trigger it, expect 30%. You only get the entire pot if you bet three coins ($4.50) on that spin of the reels.

Does Mega Money Mine include any bonus features?

In short… no, none.

Mega Money Mine is reserved for those with bigger budgets

Penny slot players aren't the target audience for these games, for sure. If you tend to play with a bigger budget, you need to think about how many coins you're going to play with. You also need to consider whether the game offers enough entertainment to warrant the lowest wager. Mega Money Mine is a solid three-reel simple game to check out if that's your penchant though. Find it at any casino offering the suite of games from WGS just now.